Toronto Wedding Bartender Hire



Our team is the first beverage service company that many of the most successful wedding planners in Toronto call. Why? Because they know that our company will match the level of professionalism, reliability, and ability to deliver when their clients are counting on us. Our company understands that there are lots of digital photographs being taken, and lots of video footage being filmed. Everything must be as PERFECT as possible. Should you be looking for bartending services for weddings in Toronto, you can count on us.




This is important for any event or party, but it’s absolutely CRITICAL for a wedding event. You need to have the PEACE OF MIND of knowing that your wedding planner is onsite, dressed appropriately, and has everything set up well before your family members and guests start to arrive. We guarantee that your wedding bartender will ARRIVE EARLY, and quietly go to work right away.


Planning and organizing any wedding can be a challenging, stressful, and time-consuming process. When you engage SoCal Bartender to provide a wedding bartender for your Special Day in Los Angeles, you can always count on being treated with RESPECT, PATIENCE, and COURTESY at every point in the process. Furthermore, our years of experience, local knowledge, and our valuable network of contacts will save you plenty of valuable time and money.


Unlike smaller companies, SoCal Bartender has the Licensing and Insurance that enables us to provide a wedding bartender team for you ANYWHERE, and at any location or venue in California. Whether at a private club, on the beach, at an exclusive golf facility, in a church, at an upscale meeting hall, or in your parent’s back yard, we can immediately submit the complete licensing and insurance requirements you need. Test us out, and see how quickly we respond.


Parents and other family members are often very sensitive about even the smallest details, and rightfully so. With us, your beverage area will always look beautiful, well organized, enticing, and carefully manicured. Your wedding bartender team will have your family members raving about how beautiful your beverage area is, how fantastic their drinks were, and how kindly they were treated.

* We have GLASSWARE, in all styles and sizes. Whether you just need champagne flutes for the wedding toast, or you want a complete assortment of glassware vessels throughout the ceremony, we have exactly what you need. We even have coffee mugs for hot drinks if it gets cold in the evening.

* We have a LARGE TEAM of experienced, well-groomed, friendly wedding bartenders who have been doing this for a long time. We also have COCKTAIL WAITRESSES and FOOD SERVERS at your disposal. You won’t be disappointed.

For excellent bartending services for weddings, SoCal Bartender has your back. We offer world-class service that will surprise you and your guests. Call us now to discuss your food and bartending needs.